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Adagio. Pure Pleasure.

Premium. Authentic. Inimitable.

Adagio is a yoghurt of surprising texture and unique combinations which result in irresistible flavours.

Ranging from classical to offbeat, the variety of Adagio sensory choices has in common the superior quality of the ingredients and promising pleasure.

  • Master yoghurt producers-Original Recipe in a delicious glass;
  • Low fat yoghurts in a cup or bottle – perfect 0% commitment but 100% taste;
  • Cremosos - ranging from mild to extremely intense, this line takes the experience of tasting to new heights; 
  • Momentos – a unique, original and intense line, such are Momentos EXÓTICOS, FRUTÍSSIMOS, SPICY OR REFRESCANTES, ranging from pure fruit to surprising chilli, which result in real combinations of pure pleasure.