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Mimosa. It's a part of us, and always will be

Mimosa is the most highly valued and purchased brand in Portugal.

Prado Verde


Adagio. Pure Pleasure.

Premium. Authentic. Inimitable. Adagio is a yoghurt of surprising texture and unique combinations which result in irresistible flavours.

Serra Dourada

“In old Lusitania there is a millenarian experience of making, curing and savouring cow’s- milk cheese. The manufacturing method of Serra Dourada is immersed in this long tradition.”


Castelinhos is the brand of a cheese with character, which has formed part of the rich heritage of the Azores since 1960. It is one of the few cheese brands of renowned origin in the Azores.


Made with love, made with excellence

Primor is regarded as a brand of products whose characteristics have not changed over time; it is traditional and authentic, linked to quality and natural features which are synonymous with flavour.


A state of mind. In liquid form.

Pleno is all about drinks which contribute to natural well-being. Lightness, fluidity and perfect caloric balance give it its distinctive character.

Serra da Penha

Nascente Serra da Penha mineral water is collected in the heart of Serra da Penha, which enjoys high environmental protection.

Milhafre dos Açores

Milhafre. Pronounced flavour.

Milhafre butter is synonymous with pronounced flavour and strong stimulus.


Matinal is all about selected milk of the highest quality and unparalleled taste.

The nutritional and qualitative properties of the best milk remain intact, namely the protein, mineral and vitamin content.


Gresso milk products are a safe choice for consumers who enjoy the good taste of milk products in classical flavours and formats.


Refreshing fruit drink, Fresky is available in different combinations of flavours and in a variety of formats (200 mL, 1L and 1.5L).


Castelões.Proud to be Portuguese.

The authenticity with which we manufacture everyday this incomparable traditional cheese has become a question of honour for us.


Agros. A Marca da Natureza.

With Agros, the great taste of nature every day. Nature's best, combined with the vast experience of Agros and the traceability throughout the process all the way to packaging or transforming the milk into our by-products.